The foods you should eat to cool down in hot summer weather

Hot, isn’t it? Many of us have been thinking the same thing over the past few days; who put Cyprus in a furnace?

5 Ways to Stay Cool in Warm Weather - wikiHow
There’s only so many showers one can take in a day (and so long one can sit in front of a fan). 

To deal with the heatwave we’ve been experiencing lately, it’s worth making sure you’re eating the right food and drinking plenty of water.

There are some foods that are better at keeping you cooler than others. While you might think ice cream or two might do the trick, cold snacks might not be the answer to keeping cooler. 

Even though ice creams and lollies have a temporary cooling effect, eating food leads to an increase in temperature as the process of digestion is heat-generating. 

The fact that cold snacks and drinks make your body over-compensate by increasing your core temperature means that ice creams and slushies are not the answer to keeping you cooler for the duration of the day.

The answer to keeping cool is eating food that raises your core body temperature, so while it may sound counterproductive, things like warm drinks and soups can do the trick. Meals that are rich in fluids are good ways to not only keep the body hydrated but also to keep it from feeling too hot.

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