TRNC government make and introduces new coronavirus measures as new cases continue to rise

TRNC Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affair and Spokesperson of the Council of Ministers on Monday delivered a new consensus and additional measures taken by the government to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country. 

Kudret Özersay made a statement to the press on Monday regarding new measures and changes introduced by the government after a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Monday that lasted about 4 hours.

Özersay noted that it is not possible to discuss restrictions on movement due to the election programs so the only agenda of the Council of Ministers was the coronavirus epidemic.

Özersay said that they evaluated the stage reached regarding the epidemic affecting the world and the country and reached a consensus on additional measures. 

As such, the following measures were taken;
-Number of passengers coming to the TRNC by sea will be reduced. 
Stating that the Council of Ministers made some decisions, taking into account the recommendations made by the Supreme Health Council, Özersay stated that each ministry will take steps regarding the decisions concerning its ministry.

Özersay said, "Even if it is not in the form of a decision to be published in the official newspaper, steps will be taken to implement the decisions on these issues that have been agreed upon". 

-50,000 passengers came to the TRNC in 1 and a half month.... 66 of positive cases came by sea and 33 by air.  

According to the information given by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Özersay said that 37,500 passengers came to the TRNC by air and 13,195 passengers by sea giving a total of 50,000 passengers between 1 July and 16 August. 66 among those arriving by sea tested positive for coronavirus and 33 passengers arriving by air tested positive for the virus.

Özersay stated that the risk factor is higher in sea arrivals, so they decided to take two additional measures for this issue, and that the number of passengers arriving by sea will be reduced from 400 to 250 and those arriving by sea will wait at the port until the PCR test results are released, He noted that changes will be made in the infrastructure. 

-Random test application will be taken 
Özersay stated that, within the framework of the information provided by the Minister of Health, the number of random test applications will be increased and steps will be taken to increase their frequency, and that random tests will be performed among those who have gone to Southern Cyprus and did test once at the beginning.

Özersay stated that random tests will be performed at the points where the risk is high and among those who come from abroad and whose test results are negative and who do not take another test after a while, and that they aim to reduce the risk in this way. 

-Checking PCR tests will be more safely inspected 
Those coming to the TRNC from Turkey and south Cyprus will be inspected aboard the plane and at checkpoints. 

-25 of 66 positive patients in hospital, other under surveillance 
Özeray stated that 25 of 66 positive cases were treated in the hospital, and the remaining positive cases were kept under surveillance in the designated quarantine facilities. 

-Central Quarantine…  
Özersay stated that the passengers coming from C category countries (asymptomatic and positive cases) can be grouped together and accommodated in a more central facility. The Ministry of Finance will take steps in this direction.

Özersay stated that decisions have been taken for the Ministry of Health to work on how to control the number of people who can be found in the entertainment centers, to close the regulations for non-compliance and to further clarify the areas where masks will be applied. 

-Measures for employees in the rick group
“Based on the determination that individuals who are in the risk group in working life need more protection, whether in public or private, each minister and ministry in the public sector should take the necessary precautions and show the necessary flexibility upon request. The issue of using the initiative in this direction has been evaluated and there is a consensus.

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