TRNC introduce/update new travel measures for students, tourists and citizens, students to be quarantined for 14 days free of charge

The TRNC Ministry of Health on Wednesday announced new and updated measures/countries and travel practices according to COVID-19 risk categories. 

The Ministry in a statement stated that the categories will be implemented as from 12:00am, August, 29.

The updated and new measures are as follows;

Category A
1. Estonia
2. Finland
3. South Korea
4. Liechtenstein
5. Lithuania
6. Latvia
7. Hungary
8. Maldives
9. Norway
10. Slovakia
11. Slovenia
12. New Zealand
13. Canada
14. Thailand
15. Georgia

* Those seeking to travel to the TRNC from countries in category A, through the south must have a PCR test results (confirmed negative) done within the last 72 hours will be able to enter the country from all crossing points without further testing or quarantine.  

Since PCR tests can only be performed at Kermiya and Beyarmudu crossing points, those who cannot submit a PCR result will only be able to enter the country through these two gates. These persons will be kept under quarantine until the test results are available and the test and quarantine fees will be covered by the passenger. 
* The rules shall apply to a person who will come to Cyprus via Turkey from a country in category B.

* People who work, receive training and treatment in the south of Cyprus and those who travel to the south for other reasons will be able to continue their journey to the south by having a PCR test only once. These people will also be given random PCR tests. 
* All citizens residing in Pile will be able to continuously cross to and from Pile provided they show a PCR negative test result for once on their first pass.

* Personnel from diplomatic missions in Cyprus, UN, EU, British Bases Area and similar international organizations will be asked to show COVID-19 negative result for once in the first pass. These people will also be given a random PCR test.

Category B
1. Austria  
2. Denmark
3. Ireland
4. Switzerland
5. Iceland
6. Japan
7. Poland
8. Belgium
9. Italy
10. Czech Republic
11. Monaco
12. Vatican
13. San Marino
14. Rwanda
15. Uruguay
16 . China
17. Bosnia and Herzegovina
18. Singapore
19. Turkey
20. Jordan
21. Germany
22. Greece
23. Kuwait
24. United Kingdom
25. Sweden

* People coming to the TRNC from the countries in category B will be able to enter the country by showing a negative PCR test result carried out between 3-5 days before the travel date. 

A second PCR test will be conducted at the entrance to the TRNC and until the results come out, those who have hotel reservations will isolate themselves at the hotel, and those who will stay at home, as they promised.  

Those coming from countries in category B will not be admitted to the country if they cannot show a PCR result conducted within a period of 2-5 days. 

(TRNC citizens will be allowed to enter the country after taking a PCR test at the entrance, but they will remain in quarantine for 3 days.)
* Anyone with a PCR test done 3 days before leaving the TRNC to Turkey will be able to return to the TRNC within 5 days of the test including the fifth day and will not have to take a new test if they show PCR test results from Turkey.

However, between the fifth and seventh day after these people entered the country, they will go to the Dr. Burhan Nalbanto─člu State Hospital or Famagusta State Hospital and take a second PCR test.
* Citizens going to Turkey for a period of 5 days will be able to return to the TRNC with PCR test he/she did in the TRNC before leaving but will have to be quarantined for 3 days in centers determined by the Ministry of Health and after the 3 days another PCR test will be done. The test and quarantine fees will be covered by the passenger.

* Under the Infectious Diseases Law; In line with the decision taken by the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee that convened on 10 August 2020, people coming to the island from the UK as of 13 August 2020 (including 13 August 2020) will be allowed to enter the TRNC on condition that they document the negative PCR test result made three to five days before the boarding date. 

However, these people will stay in home quarantine for 7 days. During the quarantine, no visitors will be accepted to the house. Persons who are found to violate the home quarantine rules during the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Health will be placed in the hotel quarantine.

Category C
1. United States
2. Brazil
3. Argentina
4. Serbia
5. Montenegro             
6. Portugal
7. Luxembourg
8. Romania
9. India
10. Iran          
11. Israel          
12. Kazakhstan    
13. Kosovo    
14. Mexico
15. Egypt
16. Pakistan
17. Russia             
18. Turkmenistan
19. Bangladesh
20. Philippines
21. Iraq
22. Spain
23. France
24. Bulgaria
25. Algeria
26. Australia
27. Morocco
28. Qatar
29. Azerbaijan
30. Malta
31. Croatia
32. Netherlands
33. Andorra
34. Tunisia
35. United Arab Emirates 
36. Lebanon
37. Ukraine
38. Bahrain
39. Saudi Arabia 
and other countries

* For those coming from countries in category C, it is obligatory to document a PCR test result done between three and five days before the boarding date and whose result is negative, when entering the TRNC.  

A second PCR test will be applied to these people upon their arrival in the country and will be quarantined in a quarantine center determined by the Ministry of Health for 14 days. 

At the end of the quarantine, they will be made to have a 3rd PCR test before leaving.
TRNC citizens and students residing permanently in the TRNC will be exempted from quarantine fees. People other than this will pay the test and quarantine fees themselves. 

1- PCR test results will not be requested from children in the 0-5 age group who will enter the country.

2- The three to five days before the boarding date specified above will be evaluated based on the date of delivery of the PCR samples. 
3- PCR test results obtained in countries from category B and C 6 days before or after the travel date will not be considered valid for entry into the country. People who submit tests in this way will not be admitted to the country.

4- As a result of negotiations carried out between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior, people arriving from category B countries who will be working at night clubs and must have stayed in Turkey for at least 2 weeks will be quarantined for 7 days upon arrival in the TRNC.

Those coming from countries in category C will be quarantined for 7- 14 days on arrival.

They must provide a negative PCR test result upon entrance (travelers from Category B and Category C), bearing in mind that the tests should be conducted within a period of 3 to 5 days prior to the boarding date.

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