TRNC Minister of National Education speaks on "Student Friendly Island project and 500TL aid to students

TRNC Minister of National Education and Culture Nazım Çavuşoğlu, in an interview with Reality WebTV show Good Morning Truth Program, spoke about the TRNC's "Student Friendly Island project and 500TL aid to students in the coming semester.

Student friendly island
Where did the Student Friendly Island come from?
Our island was called the university island and complaints started to occur in some areas against our universities. It was seen that there are some parts of these complaints that need to be taken into account. Our dream island is actually a candidate who wants to be friends with the student, not as the students claimed. Thinking that this name was wrong, we thought that we should symbolize it in discussions when we set out with the Student Friendly Island concept, and while symbolizing this, we thought that the Student Friendly Island concept should be with an island card, taking into account the many difficulties experienced by the students. We decided to give the card to all our students. As a result of the initiatives we made with the Cooperative Central Bank, we adopted this concept with them. 

We give a card
We said what will happen when we issue an island card and how we will show friendship, and we set as a target to get discounts for students from all sectors affected by university students. In other words, we set out on this road to make students' lives easier. We give our student a card to show our friendship, we will do something in the artisans and symbolize it with flags. 

Why should we limit students?
We want from universities, we want from shopkeepers, but how are we going to show our friendship as the state? In this sense, we wanted to give a transportation support considering that transportation costs are expensive at the beginning. Then we said why we should limit the students and we should support the students and use it wherever they want, thinking that we should make 500 TL friendly donation to the cards of the new enrollment students. Here, our main gain is the support of the project from the Platform of Economic Organizations. Affiliated sectors will give discounts to cardholders and students will see this discount on the voucher. This will allow us to document the people who actually practice against students. In addition, if a company says I am a student friend and does not make a discount, we will be able to see this from the system.

Not fully translated from Turkish language.

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