21 days curfew is on the agenda of TRNC government but government denies it

The TRNC Ministry of Health is preparing to declare a curfew in order to prevent the transmission of coronavirus that it cannot cope with. 

According to report by Turkish Cypriot daily, Havadis, some cabinet ministers strongly opposed this request.

The ministers, who stand against the 21-day curfew, act on the view that the economy will stop completely and the state revenues will be affected.

Ministers who oppose the ban argue that the closure will adversely affect the psychology of society and that universities will also be adversely affected.

According to the report, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar looked warm concerning the issue.

According to the information Havadis obtained from sources close to the government, Ersin Tatar welcomes the 21-day curfew brought to the agenda by Health Minister Ali Pilli on the grounds of preventing domestic contamination. 

To this effect, the prime minister called members of the Council of Ministers to try to convince them on the issue.

Speaking to Havadis, the source said that if Prime Minister Tatar persuades the cabinet members, he intends to make a decision in this direction by holding a meeting via Whatsapp.

Intention leaked
Pointing out that the Council of Ministers made corrections upon the reaction from the society and the sectors after every decision taken, the source also noted that the “curfew plan” was deliberately leaked and the decision would be shaped according to future reactions.

Health Minister under pressure
According to information obtained by Havadis, a source close to the Ministry of Health said, Minister of Health, Ali Pilli is under intense pressure. Due to the lack of empty beds in pandemic centers, the doctors who expressed their panic concerning the situation put pressure on the Minister to enforce the decision.

Ersin Tatar however debunk the claims. 

Speaking to YENİDÜZEN, Tatar stated that there is no such issue on the government's agenda and said, 

There is no such thing as a curfew.

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