Greek Cypriot side's uncompromising, unjust, and spoiled approach is the reason for a no solution in Cyprus- Erdogan

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan president has described the Greek Cypriot side's as uncompromising, unjust, and spoiled and he reason while there is no solution in Cyprus.

Erdoğan made the statements while addressing the 75th UN General Assembly via video link on Tuesday.

Speaking on the Cyprus issue, Erdogan cited “the absence of a fair, comprehensive, and permanent solution to the Cyprus issue” during the negotiations that have been continuing intermittently since 1968 as one of the reasons for the crisis in the region. 

The only obstacle to a solution is the uncompromising, unjust, and spoiled approach of the Greek Cypriot side, Erdogan said.
Ignoring international agreements, the Greek Cypriot side aims to make the Turkish Cypriots a minority in their homeland, or even completely exclude them from the island, Erdoğan added.
As a guarantor country, we have never left the Turkish Cypriot people alone in their rightful cause, and we will not leave them in the future. The solution to the Cyprus issue is possible only by accepting the fact that the Turkish Cypriot people are the co-owners of the island, he said.
We will support any solution that will permanently guarantee the security of the Turkish Cypriot people and their historical and political rights on the island, Erdoğan pledged.

Referring to tension in the Eastern Mediterranean, Erdogan said: 

For a while, there are countries acting with the understanding of ‘the winner takes all. The futile steps to exclude our country have no chance of success.
We do not have designs on anyone else’s right, remedy, and legitimate interests, neither in the Eastern Mediterranean nor in any other region, he reiterated.
Turkey cannot turn a blind eye on the violation of the rights of our country and the Turkish Cypriots and to the fact that our interests are being ignored. The reason for the problems existing in the region today is the one-sided steps taken by Greece and the Greek Cypriots since 2003 with maximalist demands, said Erdoğan.

Erdoğan said that Turkey’s priority is to settle disputes in a sincere dialogue, based on international law and an equitable basis. 

However, I would like to clearly state that we will never tolerate any imposition, harassment, or attack in the opposite direction, he said.

He reiterated Turkey’s call for establishing dialogue and cooperation between coastal countries of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

For this purpose, we would like to propose the convening of a regional conference, including Turkish Cypriots, in which the rights and interests of all the countries of the region are considered, he said. 

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