Kennedy Taomwabwa Dede Murder trial: Defendant's lawyer claims Kennedy died from drowning

The trials of the murder case of a Nigerian student named Kennedy Taomwabwa Dede, who was forcibly abducted from his home and beaten to death in Çanakkale Pond in January 2018, was discussed at Famagusta High Criminal Court on Thursday.
Süleyman S. Gürpınar, Head of Department of Süleyman Demirel University, who was played as a witness by the lawyer of Nidai Şanlı, the number one defendant in the "Murder Case" of Kennedy Taomwabwa Dede claimed that the autopsy report of Forensic Medicine Specialist İdris Deniz was incorrect.

The defense witness, Süleyman Gürpınar, claimed that Kennedy Taomwabwa Dede drown in water due to blunt brain hemorrhage and pneumothorax, which developed as a result of head and chest trauma.

Gürpınar, argued that the injury findings stated by İdris Deniz in the autopsy report were not of the nature that would lead to death, and that Dede, who was under the influence of cannabis, was dead in the pond and his head in the water was taken into consideration, as he swallowed water into the stomach because the water was inhaled.

Nidai Sanli's attorney claimed that the autopsy report prepared by İdris Deniz, the only experienced Forensic Medicine Expert of the TRNC, was erroneous.   

Süleyman Gürpınar, the witness of the defense, claimed that Kennedy Taomwabwa Dede was killed by drowning in water, not by the combined effect of cerebral hemorrhage and pneumothorax, which developed as a result of blunt head and chest trauma.   

In İdris Deniz's autopsy report, Gürpınar stated that the injury findings identified on Dede's body were not capable of causing death and said, “The findings do not cause cerebral hemorrhage or pneumothorax. There is no evidence of these. "There is no internal organ or large vessel injury," he said.    

Gürpınar, taking into account the position of Dede, who was under the influence of cannabis, being dead in the pond and his head face down in the water, claimed that he swallowed water into the stomach and died in this way because the water had inhaled.    

Claiming that the death of Dede was the result of persistent drowning, Gürpınar continued as follows: “There are many undeniable trauma in Dede's body. There are also ecchymosis and swelling. However, none of these traumas are fatal. There is no electro shock wound or stone wound on the person's body. If there was a stone wound, there would be a skin abrasion or open wound.     

The only objective finding we have is cannabis alone. He took cannabis twice, one and a half hours apart before his death. As a result, he hallucinated. He fell into the water, could not save himself even in a little water, he drowned.    

According to clear photographs, the deceased has a dead hardness, 36 hours could not have passed since his death while his dead stiffness continues. If 36 hours had passed, the corpse would begin to loosen and decay. His death occurred 24-30 hours before.    

In İdris Deniz's report, there are claims that are not proven and whose findings cannot be determined. For bodies found in water, drowning should be ruled out. We can't rule it out here. The lung is very swollen and edematous. There is bloody fluid in the trachea and stomach. The corpse lies face down in the water. Idris Deniz's assessment is wrong. I, with the genetic medicine wrist, have given enough information to solve the case, it is up to the court of appreciation. " "İdris Deniz did not make a mistake"    

Senior Prosecutor Mustafa İldeniz, who carried out the case on behalf of the Prosecutor's Office, subjected Süleyman Serhat Gürpınar to a strict restraint that lasted for hours.    

Senior Prosecutor Mustafa Ildeniz made many allegations to Gürpınar, basing these allegations on the criteria in the forensic literature.    

Mustafa İldeniz said, “İdris Deniz did not make a mistake. The victim has numerous intense trauma to the head, face, neck, temple and chest area. It is certain that he died without falling into the water. The evidence gathered from the crime scene speaks. There is no mud in the mouth. There is no evidence of drowning in the water. No water went to his lungs. "It is clear that the person has a cerebral hemorrhage as a result of the trauma.    

After telling Gürpınar that many documents he had to examine by his lawyer were incomplete, İldeniz claimed that the report he prepared with 4 experts for money was not an expert person's report, but an incomplete and competent scientific opinion.    

İldeniz continued his words and made the following claims:   
“İdris Deniz, who did the autopsy of Dede properly, had no reason not to record what he saw in the report. But you did. Autopsy start time 09.40. That is, at this time, the time of death is 32-36 hours before autopsy, not 24 hours. Since the victim was in fresh water, the severity of death was slow. 

There was bleeding and ecchymosis in all areas of his head. There is no sign of it in the water. When he was found, he was in the water, face down, head on his elbow. You commented on us. You made it up later. Proof of İdris Deniz's findings is also available in books. He was not mistaken. Neither on death nor on death assignment. Severe trauma to Dede's brain and chest area damaged his lung. This damage caused free air to escape into the chest cavity. Co-occurrence of bleeding in the brain cavities and pneumothorax accelerated death. He died without falling into the water.    

The court has adjourned the case before it to hear from where he left off. 

(Not fully translated.)

Source: Kibris

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