North Cyprus University Association blast government on it's decision to quarantine all university students coming to the country for 7 days

The Cyprus University Association has criticized the decisions taken by the TRNC Council of Ministers in light of the recommendations of Committee on Infectious Diseases.

The University Association in a statement on Monday argued that the decision to keep university students coming to the country in quarantine for 7 days will significantly lower the rate of students' preference for universities in the country and will put both universities and the country's economy in a very difficult situation. 
In its written statement, the Cyprus University Association said;

Within the scope of this decision, it seems obvious that the opportunity to stay in the country for 72 hours with the Double PCR test is to ensure the continuation of the casino customers' arrival on the island, but we regret to observe that there is no positive decision to protect the universities, the most important carrier column of the country. 
"It is wrong for quarantine cost to be on universities"
The association in the statement alleged that it is wrong to put the quarantine expenses of the students who accept to come to the island under these conditions on the universities and that the government's decision that the universities will be responsible for quarantine is illegal.

Emphasizing that this will not be accepted, the association said the decision will not be implemented and those who make a decision will be responsible for any consequences that may arise, we demand that our state should urgently return from this mistake ”. 
The statement mentioned that scientists within the Cyprus University Association and related universities analyzed the process closely and conveyed the most applicable answers to the questions raised by the Ministry of National Education and Culture on 19 August.

The statement made the following statements: 

We do not accept the fact that our government is still making decisions by ignoring the opinions of universities, the most important sector of the country, and adopting a fait accompli approach with these decisions as the Cyprus University Association and that these impositions will affect universities in particular and our country in general, with you, our esteemed public. we share with our respect.

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