Young woman who swallowed 7 grams of cocaine in Famagusta after seeing the police lands in intensive care unit

A young woman who swallowed about 7 grams of cocaine after seeing the police lands in intensive care unit after she became seriously ill.

The young woman, 30 was found in a car with other people in Famagusta, during police inspection on Saturday, September, 21, one of them a drunk driver.

On sighting the police, she reportedly swallowed about 7 grams of cocaine. She later became ill and was taken to the hospital.

The arrest came after detailed investigation initiated by the police on the bad effect of the drug malady, which became easily accessible and widespread in the country, following a traffic control in Famagusta at the weekend.

The investigation was initiated by the police after the young man, who was caught along side an alcoholic driver had his stomach washed in a private hospital after he became seriously ill at home and was taken to the Intensive Care Unit of Famagusta State Hospital by ambulance.

It was learned that the 4 young people in the vehicle in question bought 10 grams of cocaine-type drugs from a person who had not yet been identified in Iskele and sold 3 grams to 3 people who were not yet identified, and then drank and ate at a restaurant in Famagusta.    

On the way back to their homes, the vehicle driven by one of the accused who was under the influence of 170% promil alcohol, with BNK, AY and SO as passengers, was caught in traffic control at Havva Şentürk Street where they were stopped for questioning.    

According to the verbal statements provided, it was stated that before the traffic control, BNK took the drug from AY, who was in the vehicle in question and swallowed 7 grams of cocaine-type drugs. She was taken to the hospital after to wash her stomach after the incident.

Waiting for the results of the blood samples taken from BNK and the suspects, the police announced that they would direct the investigation of the laboratory results.    

Camera recordings will be examined and statements will be taken.

Three people identified only as AY, SO and CT were arrested for drug crimes in connection with the incident and a 3-day detention order from the court obtained for investigation purposes against them.

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