Bigger bum helps athletes run faster, new study claims


Unsure who to place a bet on in the men's 100 meters at next year's Olympics? Well, scientists may have a useful mantra for you.

Experts from Loughborough University found that sprinters with a large gluteus maximus -- the muscle that forms the bottom can run up to 44 per cent faster.

The team discovered this 'booty boost' factor after comparing the lower body muscles of of men who were either elite sprinters, sub-elite athletes or untrained.

Elite sprinters -- those with a personal best of under 9.99 seconds in the 100 metres were found to be not only more muscular generally, but also in a very specific way.

While their calf muscles were similar in size to those of their sub-elite counterparts, others -- including the gluteus maximus and hip extensors -- were far bigger.

The findings have the potential to revolutionise the physical training and performance of many athletes, the researchers claimed.

In their study, the researchers used magnetic resonance imaging -- commonly known as MRI -- to measure the size of 23 lower body muscles in 42 different men.

Of these participants, five were elite sprinters, 26 were sub-elite athletes and 11 were untrained men.

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