TRNC Ministry of Health announced 'additional measure'

The TRNC Ministry of Health on Monday announced 'additional cautionary decisions' in line with the Decisions taken by the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee under the Communicable Diseases Law.

According to the new decisions; Those coming from the south, excluding students and workers, will be tested for 72 hours, and those who will stay in the north for more than 3 days will be kept in quarantine for 7 days.

-The opening of cinema, theater, fair, birthday, festival events has been postponed until 1 November 2020.

-People from Group B countries including Turkey and the UK can enter the TRNC provided they have not stayed in these countries for more than 3 days and can enter the country without quarantine. The people in question will wait in the hotel and central isolation until the test results come out.

-Accordingly, people who will come from group B countries and stay on the island for a maximum of 3 days as of October 20, must submit negative PCR test results at the entrance and wait in the hotel and central isolation until the second PCR test results to be taken at the port without quarantine.

-As of October 20, 2020 (including October 20, 2020), random testing will continue to be performed for people traveling south for study, education and health reasons.

Funeral ceremonies can be held after October 19, 2020, within the framework of pandemic rules.

Wedding and engagement ceremonies can be held as of October 19. 

-In case of possible Covid 19 cases in team sports, the rules regarding the measures to be taken have been decided and a detailed notification will be made to the Sports Department Directorate regarding the application.

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