A grown up man with diaper addiction

So we got this mail from this dude... And he goes thus;

'Hey my name is Sean Miller I'm not your everyday adult. I wear diapers 24/7 and use pacifiers. I'm a YouTuber with over 20K subscribers. But I'm not your regular YouTube personality. I have an addiction which caused me to lose my former job at a preschool. while working there preschool I became addicted to stealing diapers for my personal use. I was fired due to my addiction and lifestyle. I stole diapers and other baby things to satisfy my baby addiction. I spend all day in diapers, sometimes dress like a baby, and use a pacifier. I blame my addiction on my experience growing up. I was abandoned by his parents when I was 5 and spent 13 years in foster care. There are benefits to my lifestyle. Living in diapers all day means I never have to run to the bathroom in the middle of a movie or during a concert because I can simply handle my business wherever I am.  I'd like to do an exclusive.

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