Efforts are being made to reduce the price of electricity and gas tube in TRNC

Efforts will be made to reduce the price of bottled gas and electricity prices in the TRNC, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Energy Erhan Arıklı has said.

The Minister made the statement at a press conference he held at the ministry on Thursday.

Arıklı, drew attention to the need for efforts to lower the electricity prices and reduce the bills.  

The first thing we need to do is electricity with the cable and the other is solar energy.
We will bring cable electricity at any cost and benefit from the sun, he said.

Arıklı also made statements about the "Control Law" and stated that 50 basic foodstuffs will be inspected and they will set a maximum selling price.   

We know that we will face the reaction of a segment of this business” and stated that the market should be cheaper in this period when the purchasing power is gradually decreasing, Arıklı said.

Arıklı stated that they prevented a hike in fuel by getting support from the price stabilization fund, and that the gas tube, which was raised in the past days, was examine.

He stated that it is possible to reduce the price of the tube gas to between 5 and 7 TL and that the price of the tube will be determined by the ministry in case of objection.

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