Happy New Month of December

Welcome to the Month of December!!!

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and now December...... Wow... God has been so good to us in every way and He alone deserves all the Glory. 

We are grateful to God Almighty for making it possible for us to see this time of the year despite all the up and down, the pandemic, recession, insecurities and hardship. 

We appreciate God Almighty for His love and mercies towards us.

2020 has been a challenging year and thank God there is a loght at the end of the tunnel with the announcements of several vacine candidates. 

For many, it's already a successful year and for some, it's not been so successful but don't' give up just yet as the remaining days of 2020 can still spring up some surprises.

With just about 31 more days to go before the new year, how do you intend to spend these last few days of the year? Increase the hustle? or just lounging and complaining? or celebrating all the way?

A new month always comes with new challenges and purposes for us, it is our heart’s desire that you defeat all challenges and be successful not only in this month but all the years of your life.

From Olomoinfo blog, We urge you to show more love, be positive and let compassion fill your heart.

We also want to use this opportunity to wish all those who will be celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, dedication, etc, this month, a happy cerebration.

Remember to stay out of trouble, be law abiding citizens and be careful in your dealings.

We wish all our esteemed viewers a HAPPY NEW MONTH OF December!!! and we pray that it will be a month to remember for good.

Come 31-days time we shall all be shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Facts about December
December is known around the world as a family time of celebration honoring cultures, religions and traditions that have been with humanity for hundreds of years.

- An almanac prediction states that if snow falls on Christmas Day, Easter will be warm, green and sunny.
- The name December comes from the Latin decem for “ten”, as it was the 10th month in the Roman Calendar.
- The term Yuletide comes from a Norse tradition of cutting and burning a tree to bring in the Winter Solstice. This was to last through 12 days – later known as the 12 days of Christmas.
- December 12th is Poinsettia Day.
- Saint Nickolas, who would eventually be called Santa Claus, was originally the patron saint of children, thieves and pawnbrokers!
- December 28th is considered by some to be the unluckiest day of the year.
-Spiders and spider webs are considered good luck on Christmas.
- Common decorations on a Christmas tree each have their specific meanings. Candles – the light of the world, the Star at the top is a reminder of the first Christmas night and Candy canes are to represent the Shepherd’s cane.
- December is the month when most proposals of marriage are accepted. Most proposals happen in the week leading up to Christmas.

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