TRNC introduces new quarantine rules: All visitors to pay for test and quarantine except students, quarantine period reduced to 7 days

The TRNC has reduced the length of quarantine days to 7 days and demand all visitors and citizens to pay for their coronavirus tests and quarantine, except students.

In a a new regulation in travel practices within the scope of the Covıd-19 measures announced at the weekend, anyone coming from abroad will be subject to quarantine for 7 days, provided that they submit the negative PCR test result made in the last 3 days. In the same vain, every unquarantined entries into the country was stopped.

Also application without quarantine for those who plan to stay for 3 days or less was canceled. 

A joint statement by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Ministry of Health are as follows states that;

1. All risk categories related to the TRNC have been reduced to one category. Accordingly, people who enter the TRNC from abroad will be subject to quarantine for 7 days, provided that they submit a negative PCR test result made in the last 3 days to the Ministry of Health official at the port of entry and PCR tests will be performed at the end of the quarantine. If they do not submit the negative PCR test result upon entry into the country, they will not be admitted to the country.

2. In order to enter the TRNC with charter flights, private planes and scheduled flights, the application without quarantine for 3 days or less will not be appliocable as non-quarantined entries to the TRNC have been suspended between the dates of this note.  

3. The quarantine practices of those who go abroad for official duty or health reasons will be evaluated if they apply to the Ministry of Health. 

4. In order to come to the TRNC by air, it is necessary to check the HES codes of the relevant companies before buying tickects. People who are in contact and / or Covid-19 positive in the HES code should not be issued tickets. Criminal action will be imposed on companies that issue tickets for people who are found to be covid-positive. 

5. PCR test results will not be requested from children in the 0-5 age group who will enter the country.  

6. PCR tests will only be accepted in Turkish and English languages.  

7. The 3-day test period before the above-mentioned boarding date will be evaluated based on the date of delivery of the PCR samples. While calculating the days, it is important to calculate the days between the date written on the test result documents and the date they will travel, and there is no need to make a specific time calculation.  

8. PCR test results obtained 4 days before or earlier than the travel start date will not be considered valid for entry into the country. People who submit tests in this way will not be admitted to the country. The travel start date is the first boarding date for connecting flights.  

9. Future passengers from Turkey to the TRNC has no obligation of QR code on the PCR test results.  

10. All test and quarantine fees will be covered by the passengers, whether they are TRNC citizens or not. Those who want to enter the country will be able to fly with a receipt they will receive by paying the fees written against the account numbers below. Airline companies will not accept passengers who do not submit their receipts to the plane. 

11. NHS (UK National Health Service) tests for UK travelers will be accepted upon arrival. The SMS sent by the NHS to the passengers who cannot print the test result due to the UK being closed will also be considered valid. In addition, all the COVID 19 tests conducted by TRNC students studying in the UK are valid. The application is limited to the UK only.  

12. Those from Turkey to the TRNC on a short-term visit and back for 3 days will be subject to a 7-day central quarantine when they enter the TRNC.  

13. These applications will be valid between 8 December 2020 and 23 December 2020 (both dates included). 


According to the statement, the bank account numbers and iban numbers to which the quarantine fees will be deposited are as follows: 

-Recipient Name: TRNC Ministry of Finance 

-Recipient Address: TRNC Ministry of Finance Nicosia-TRNC 

-Bank Address: Şht. Mustafa Ahmet Ruso Street No. 11 Küçük Kaymaklı Nicosia TRNC TC ZİRAAT BANK TL 2.255 

TL ACCOUNT NO: 40298710-5001 IBAN: TR290001000860402987105001 

USD 289 US $ ACCOUNT NO: 40300032-5001 IBAN: TR470001000860403000325001 

EURO 238 EURO ACCOUNT NO: 40298710-5002 IBAN: TR020001000860402987105002 

GBP 214 STG ACCOUNT NO: 40298710-5004 IBAN: TR450001000860402987105004 


Meanwhile, the TRNC Minister of National Education and Culture, Çavuuşooğlu in a speech at the council on Monday, said all local and foreign students will be quarantined without any fee, and if anyone pays, their money will be refunded.  

Students will not pay for quarantine, Çavuuşooğlu said.
No one in student status, whether a citizen of KKTC or a foreigner, will not pay a quarantine fee. The money will be returned to those who invested. We will continue to show self-care to students, he said.

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