Turkish doctor spat on husband's face to infect him with coronavirus

A doctor infected with the coronavirus spat on her husband, also a doctor, allegedly to infect him with the disease, the man living in the Black Sea province of Samsun has said in his legal complaint.

The husband, identified only as Mustafa O.İ., has been placed in a safer house after he tested negative for COVID-19.

According to the complaint, Fulya İ., the alleged doctor, working in a hospital in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa had arrived in Samsun. She later started showing symptoms.

While her test came back positive, her husband’s test was negative.

We began isolating at home and I was taking care of her, said Mustafa O.İ. It was my birthday. My sister called me and congratulated me. My wife got angry and shouted, ‘Why are they calling you? Are you talking about me?’ She accused me of trying to get rid of her. Then she went mad, he added.

She later spat on his face, saying she wanted him to get infected too. She allegedly also bit him in his right arm.

She spat on her hand and tried to put her hand into my mouth, noted the husband.

After lodging a legal complaint to the prosecutor’s office, he said he believed his life was in danger.

The security units transferred him to another house as his tests came back negative again after her alleged attack.

Her quarantine in our house is continuing, he said, adding that he was attacked several times before too. She used to batter me, but I never made a complaint. But now I have. Because I think that she may hurt me or even her patients, noted the husband.

While stressing on the growing numbers of femicide and domestic violence against women in the country, he claimed there was “violence against men, too.”

Not only women, but men are also victims of violence in this country. I won’t step back from my case.

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