21 days of total lockdown not 7 days needed to control the spread of coronavirus in the TRNC - Minister of Health

The TRNC needs at least 21 days of total lockdown to be able to control the spread of coronavirus in the country instead of the 7 days lock down imposed by the government in all region, said Minister of Health, Ali Pilli.

The Minister who was speaking during a televised interview on Friday said the epidemic could not be controlled with a seven-day closure, and pointed out that the closure should be longer. 

We cannot completely control this transmission in 7 days. We need at least 21 days. There are 21 more cases overnight. There is a problem in closing, there is a lot of movement around. Mobility must be reduced, we will restrict this mobility, Pilli said.

Noting that there were 21 new cases from Thursday evening until Friday morning, the Minister said the government is not waiting for the cases to drop, but to prevent the transmission.

He explained that at least 21 days are needed to control this level of contamination. 

First, the cases should be reduced with a tight seven days lockdown, by the 14th day, cases should be reduced a lot, and by the 21st day, cases should be reduced to a minimum and then we can open completely, said the Minister.

He noted that there will definitely be leakages as transmission will continue. He said everyone has a big duty and called on everyone to stay at home.   

Some sectors will of course be open. But if everyone follows the rules, the level of contamination will decrease, he said.

The Minister said the number of PCR tests will be increased.

Explaining the problem with partial closure and the continuous movement of people, Pilli stated that studies are ongoing on how to limit this mobility.

Municipalities were also included in this process, inspections will be increased. The aim is not to impose fines, but to warn the public to stay out of 'trouble'. Those who do not comply will of course be punished, but strict measures are now necessary. We have reached this level, he said.

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