Gas prices reduced by 5TL in TRNC

The price of bottled gas will be reduced by 5 TL as of Saturday, January 2, TRNC, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Energy Erhan Arıklı has announced.

The government’s aim is to keep the price of bottled gas stable at 85TL in the event of changes to stock market prices and exchange rates.

Arıklı said that solving the social and economic problems encountered during the pandemic was the government’s target.  

We know that we have to help and coordinate matters during such difficult times. It will take time, if you appreciate solving problems in matters that have been neglected and postponed for years. But we know very well why we came to government and what we want to do. We will strive to realise our previously prepared projects with determination, said Arıklı.

The minister went on to say that also on the agenda was the prohibition of exorbitant prices rises and the protection of the people’s purchasing power.  

By cooperating with these circles, we want to fight against the elements that create unfair competition in the market. Our struggle with those who increase prices by taking advantage of the pandemic crisis and see this crisis as a process of increasing profit will continue as long as we are on duty, he said.
We were very pleased and hopeful that we were able to discuss mutual understanding and problems in depth at our meetings with the chamber of commerce and other non-governmental organisations. It is now time for long-term cooperation with non-governmental organisations in the public and economic sectors. I saw that we can create a common and rational mind in this field and I was very pleased about this.

He thanked businesses such as gas importing companies which gave up some of their profits and reduced bottled gas prices by 5TL and also wished everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

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