Government might introduce complete lockdown across the TRNC

The TRNC government is reportedly planning on introducing total lock down across the country on Friday due to the extraordinary increase of Covid-19 cases.

At the moment only two districts, Lefkosa and Girne are under total lockdown while other districts are under partial night curfew. 

According to report, the government seems to have been convicted that the regional and partial lockdown is a failure as the disease is still spreading uncontrolled.

The full lockdown proposed by the Contagious Diseases Supreme Committee might be introduced on Friday”.

In another news, the Turkish Cypriot Medical Association (KTTB) is recommending more stringent measures to deal with the increase in patients requiring hospitalisation with more serious symptoms of Covid-19.

A statement issued by the medical association pointed out that younger patients without any  preexisting medical conditions were in intensive care.

The KTTB warned that there is a similar trend in TRNC as in the rest of the world and there is a danger of exceeding the capacity of the health services.

Evaluating the lockdown for Kyrenia and Nicosia and partial curfews for other regions, the KTTB said, 

It has been seen that the reduction in human traffic and contacts intended by these decisions did not meet sufficient conditions to reach the breaking point of social contamination. Both the sectors left open and the transition between regions are far from achieving the intended epidemic control. We should state with regret that it is necessary to go to a full closure immediately at the current stage.

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