Lefkosa and Kyrenia to go on full locke down from Tuesday night

As of tonight, Kyrenia and Lefkosa will be closed as there will be no entry and exit to these two cities.

Health Minister Ali Pilli made the announcement on Tuesday morning. 

On Monday, the Supreme Committee on Infectious diseases proposed to the government to stop all activities in Kyrenia and Lefkosa, taking into account the rapidly increasing covid-19 cases and transmission in both districts.

The shutdown will take effect from midnight January 27 while other part of the TRNC will have partial night curfew beginning from 8:00pm to 5:00am.

Pilli stated that decisions by the Supreme Committee on Infectious diseases will be implemented by making technical changes in a way that will not affect the "main spirit". 

Nothing is hidden in the country. It is the same in these cases and also in the decisions… We met with the SupremeCommittee in the evening (Monday), and they also met with the Council of Ministers. It was a very productive meeting. We plan to hold meetings like this more efficiently and more frequently, he said.

The Minister noted that there were 264 active patients receiving treatment, 76 of them were followed up in the pandemic center and their condition was more severe.

He claimed that there was an intense increase in local cases, primarily because of the contacts' hiding themselves. 

Contacts should not hide themselves, do not be late.
He called on him not to harm themself, society and his environment.

He said many patients come to the hospital to do the test after 7 days, and by the then their condition is severe.

He stated that there are 5 patients in intensive care, with an increase in intensive care services, especially in Kyrenia, and that it has spread throughout the country. 

Meanwhile, reports on Tuesday morning said the number of patients receiving treatment in intensive care unit increased to 6 as of midnight.

He called on everyone to do their part and not hide themselves. 

Citizens living in Lefkosa and Kyrenia and working in a different city cannot leave the city except for a document to be obtained from the District Governorship for 'special reasons'.  

We may have a well-equipped pandemic hospital, but if 30 cases continue to come a day, the intensive care units and the pandemic hospital will also fill. We should increase the measures and prevent people from getting sick, he said.

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