TRNC Ministry of Labor and Social Security offer FOOD SUPPORT for those in need

The TRNC Labor and Social Security Minister Koral Çağman has announced that food support will be provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in order to meet the demands of those who are in need during the pandemic.

Those in need, who are experiencing economic difficulties due to the pandemic, will be able to benefit from food aid by applying to

The Press Statement of Labor and Social Security Minister Koral Çağman is as follows:

''We are all aware of the damage caused by the Covid-19 virus, which has deeply affected the whole world, on human health, economic activities and social life for about a year. The Covid-19 virus, which was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020, has also affected our country, and due to the increased transmission in recent weeks, the entire TRNC has been closed. The possibility of prolongation of the closure process has the possibility of making the social risk groups in our society even more fragile. It is highly probable that the number of workers who lost their jobs and victims of domestic violence, as well as the elderly, disabled, widows and orphans, to whom our Ministry regularly tries to deliver services, will increase. To produce solutions for the economic, social and psychological problems experienced by these social risk groups, It is one of the main duties of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. For this reason, our Ministry has started a study to identify the social risk groups most affected by the pandemic, regardless of their citizenship or residence status, and to deliver the food and cleaning materials they need.

Within the scope of this study, our Ministry;

1) a) Workers who lost their jobs and / or became indifferent due to the pandemic,

b) Families with children who experience economic difficulties due to pandemic and live as a single parent

c) The elderly and disabled individuals who cannot benefit from care services,

d) Developing an application and registration system that will enable the identification of women, LGBT individuals and foreign students who have no income from anywhere.

2) In order for this registration system to function properly and to meet the needs of the identified risk groups centrally, the district organizations of the Social Services Department and our Social Insurance Department will be in charge. Following the keeping of records, our Ministry will work in cooperation with the Red Crescent, local governments, universities, chambers and unions, trade unions and women's organizations to ensure that packages containing food and cleaning products are distributed fairly to those in need.

3) The list of products to be included in the Food and Cleaning Package will be shared on the website of our Ministry and social media accounts and will be updated regularly. In addition to the resources of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, donations from outside will also be accepted for the supply of products to be included in the said packages. Our Social Services Department will be responsible for the collection, preparation and storage of the products to be included in the packages and institutions or organizations willing to contribute will be able to apply by calling 0539 103 22 65 .

4) Donations from our institutions and citizens for the Food and Cleaning Package will only be product-based, cash aid will not be accepted. In order to share the donation process with the public in a transparent manner, the list of donor institutions and / or individuals will be shared on the website and social media accounts of our Ministry.

5) The applications of those who need the Food and Cleaning Package will be received from until February 19, 2021

In addition, individuals who do not have internet access will be able to apply by calling ALO GIDA YARDIM LINES under the Social Services Department below or by reaching the mukhtars they are affiliated with. Whether the applicants are really needed or not will be confirmed through the registration system to be established by our Ministry and the inter-agency network, and the packages will be delivered to the relevant persons after this confirmation process. In this process, in order to protect the individual rights and dignity of the people, the information of the applicants will be registered in our Ministry and will not be shared with the public.


0539 103 22 67

0539 103 22 68

0539 103 22 70

0539 103 22 71

0539 103 22 73

6) The Barrier-Free Living House building will be used temporarily for the storage of the products to be included in the Food and Cleaning Package, and the preparation of the packages and their distribution to the centers will be done here. Since there is no cold storage system, the products to be included in the Food and Cleaning Package will be durable consumer goods.

7) Lastly, I would like to state that it is a fact that domestic violence has increased during the closure processes due to the pandemic. Various non-governmental organizations have stated that there has been an increase in domestic violence cases during the closure process we had to go through last year. I would like to say that women who are subjected to domestic violence can reach us or the Police Department by calling ALO 183 or ALO 155 , and our Ministry is ready for 24/7 service in this context.

CTP Deputy Doğuş Derya, TDP Deputy Zeki Çeler, HP Deputy Gülşah Sanver Manavoğlu, Red Crescent President Mr. Sezai I would like to thank Sezen, our municipalities and mukhtars who undertake to provide logistical support to deliver the packages to their destinations, our business people who volunteered to donate and aid, our chambers and associations who stated that they are ready for cooperation. ''

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