Identical twins who were separated at birth REUNITE for the first time on their 36th birthday [photos]

Identical win sisters who were separated at birth in South Korea and adopted by two different American families recently learned that one another existed — and reunited for the first time on their 36th birthday. 

Neither Molly Sinert nor Emily Bushnell knew that they were twins, or had much information at all about their backgrounds — until both separately started to unlock the secrets of their pasts through DNA testing.

Now 36, the women were surprised to learn that they each had a twin out there in the world, and to celebrate their birthday this year they met face-to-face for the first time since they were born 

It's unknown why the two women had been separated as babies, but both managed to end up thousands of miles away in the US within a few months of their birth.

Sinert was adopted by a Jewish family in Florida, while Bushnell was also adopted by a Jewish family, but in Pennsylvania.

Neither was aware of the other's existence.  

Recently, though Bushnell's 11-year-old daughter, Isabel, wanted to learn more about her mother's background and genetics.

I wanted to do the DNA test because she was adopted, Isabel told Good Morning America.
I wanted to find out if I had more family on her side.

Bushnell didn't want to take the DNA test herself, so let Isabel do her own.

Meanwhile, Sinert had decided to take a DNA test as well, and both Sinert and Bushnell's daughter got their results back around the same time last month.

I clicked on the close relative and I didn't understand it, Sinert said, recalling the moment she learned she had a close blood relative.
[It said,] "You share 49.96% DNA with this person. We predict that she's your daughter." This is obviously not right, because I've never gone into labor, I don't have children,' she said.

Soon, however, she figured out that it was her twin sister's daughter.  

A hole was immediately filled in my heart, she said.
Although I have family who love me and adore me and have been absolutely wonderful, there was always a feeling of disconnection. Finding out that I had an identical twin sister just made everything so clear. It all makes sense.

The twins began talking to one another, trading pictures and stories. They were both amazed to see that they'd had cats growing up, and that both had worn similar strapless beaded dresses and collar necklaces to prom, with their hair styled identically.  

I realized this is probably one of the many twin moments we'll discover, Bushnell said.

They put off their first face-to-face meeting until March 29, the day they each turned 36, so they could celebrate their shared birthday together for the first time. Both Bushnell and her daughter flew to Florida to meet Sinert.

This is the happiest moment of my life, Bushnell said.
I can honestly say that. I was robbed of the last 36 years of a life that I could have had with my twin. But at the same time, I'm very grateful and excited for what lies ahead.

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