TRNC to start home quarantine with chip bracelet on Monday

The TRNC Ministry of Health on Monday, April, 12 launched home quarantine with electronic wristbands.

In a written statement from the Ministry, it was stated that for home quarantine, people should download the mobile application named "Stay Safe" on their mobile phone and complete the registration and payment procedures in the application before coming to the country.

In the statement, which stated that the Quarantine Tracking System is a paid application and it is 750 TL in total, 350 TL of which is a deposit, it was noted that all information about the Quarantine Tracking System can be accessed at

You need to apply for home quarantine by contacting to the Ministry of Health 3 working days before the return date to the TRNC or by sending an e-mail to
The requested documents are as follows:

1. Disease Report (Epicrisis) 
2. Identity Information 
3. Residence Information 
4. Telephone and Open Quarantine Address 
5. Travel Information 
6. Negative COVID-19 Test conducted within the last 3 days 
7. Full names, identity information and signatures of those who will be quarantined at home 
8. It is necessary to apply with information about what purpose he went abroad and whether he stayed at a hotel / home abroad.  


According to the statement, the Ministry of Health home quarantine evaluation committee gives the opinion that home quarantine can be applied to people and patients with the following criteria: 

• Elderly over 70 years old 
• Children under 12 years old 
• Atherosclerotic heart disease, heart failure
• Patients who received immunosuppressive therapy
• Cancer patients - those who have received chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the last 6 months
Those who have had a minor operation within 1 month • A
major operation within 3 months Those 
• Physical and mental disabilities, people with 
• people with neurodegenerative disorders 
• Autism spectrum
• diagnosed more than the last 3 months, Psychiatric cases (must be arranged by treating psychiatrists have taken and reports.)
• colostomy bags and indwelling urinary catheters with living 
• Dialysis people with end-stage kidney failure who need it 
• Organ and stem cell transplant patients 
• Pregnancy

Heavy administrative fines and imprisonment will be imposed on those who do not comply with the quarantine rules and isolation rules.

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