Curfew to start from 11:30pm on every day of the week, Zimbabwe and 3 other countries added to list of banned countries

From Monday, May, 31, 2021, night time curfew will start from 11:30pm to 5:00am on all days of the week while Zimbabwe and 3 other countries were added to list of countries where visitors are banned from entering the TRNC.

The Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases, on Sunday announced new measures that will be valid between Monday, May, 31 to June, 7, 2021.

In line with the Decisions taken by the Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases under the Infectious Diseases Law 45/2018, the Ministry of Health has decided to implement the following additional measure and decisions.

-From Monday, May, 31, night time curfew will start from 11:30pm to 5:00am every day of the week.

-As from Monday, May, 31, retail and merchandising services and all services / sectors not specified as closed will open for service between 8:30am and 8:00pm.

-Markets will be opened between 7:00am and 10:00pm everyday of the week.  

-As from Monday, May, 31, restaurants, cafes, patisseries, buffets and taverns will continue their services between 5:00am and 10:30pm.

-Birthdays can be held in open areas, observing the pandemic rules.  

-All transactions related to the supply chain will be carried out between 8:00am and 9:00pm. 

-Due to the increasing number of cases in India, Brazil, Netherlands, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Siera Leone, Cameroon, people from these countries (excluding TRNC citizens) will not be able to enter the TRNC until a new decision is made. TRNC citizens from these countries will be made to quarantine for 14 days. 

-Those who have been vaccinated twice can enter the TRNC without being quarantine starting from June, 4. They will have their PCR test done at the airport upon arrival.

-Cinema halls, engagement-wedding halls (indoor area), casinos, bar, hookah cafes and halls, indoor children's playgrounds, massage parlors, spa, open buffet restaurants, clubs, Turkish baths, saunas.

Note: Cinema halls and indoor playgrounds will be opened on Thursday, June, 3, 2021 according to the number of cases at the time.  

-Bars and clubs will be opened on Thursday, June, 3, 2021; Indoor gaming halls and casinos will be opened on June, 10, 2021.  

All institutions and organizations are to provide service in a normal working order within the framework of pandemic rules.     

Businesses will make arrangements so that the customer and employee total will be 1 person in a maximum of 5 m2. In order to maintain the social distance, these enterprises will be made to place a notice at the entrances of the enterprises regarding the m2 areas and how many people can be in the enterprise, including employees.  

In addition, it is obligatory to apply hygiene and disinfection conditions both inside the workplace and at the entrances and exits, and it is the responsibility of the workplace to take and implement these measures. There will be no product trials in the clothing industry.

1. Entry criteria will be announced on the official website of the Ministry of Health, according to the pre-determined country colors. These criteria will be updated periodically according to epidemiological data. According to the vaccine status, tests and such data of the future people; After the technological infrastructure and the preparations of the relevant institutions are completed, entries to the country will be provided.

Note: Country risk level will be updated weekly by the committee. If the test positive rate of the relevant country is above 4%, it will be evaluated at the next higher risk level.    

2. Persons will be able to spend 10-14 days of quarantine periods at the specified residence addresses, depending on the country of origin, with a wristband, provided that they show their residence address in the country and download the "Stay Safe Application" before coming to the country.  

-In order to pass the quarantine periods, they will go to their residential addresses, either alone or in the company of a driver, or by public transport, taxi, touristic minibus authorized vehicles determined by the Ministry of Finance. Persons over the age of 65 and those who go abroad with the committee for health reasons will be able to download the "Stay Safe Application" after they come to the country.

-People who do not comply with the above-mentioned rules, do not show their residence address in the country, and want to come to the country, will stay in central quarantine for 10-14 days, depending on the country of origin, in the designated central quarantine hotels.

-It is recommended that people who do not comply with the home quarantine rules are sent to central quarantine, people pay their quarantine fees themselves and criminal proceedings will be initiated in accordance with the relevant legislation.

3. People who have contact with a Covid-19 positive person in the country that require quarantine will be subject to quarantine for 10 days. At the end of 10 days, if the PCR test result to be taken from the contact persons is negative, the isolation periods will be terminated.  

4. It is deemed necessary to accept passengers on flights to be organized in the country with a maximum of 6 flights per day and a maximum of 200 people per flight, and a maximum of 2 flights per day and 75 passengers (excluding soldiers) on ships.

5. Hotels that will make 4 nights and 5 days indoor hotel tourism on the condition that wristbands are applied with charter flights, are obliged to sign the written contracts.
These hotels will not accept customers from outside, neither for the purpose of accommodation nor for the use of restaurants, cafes, etc. in the hotel. 

-It is forbidden for TRNC citizens to come with charter flights (However, citizens with dual nationality can enter if their residence address is in another country and if they do not comply with the specified rules, they will be quarantined centrally).

6. Hotels that want to do local tourism will sign the contracts prepared and serve within the framework of the specified rules. Hotels that will do local tourism (including beach, wedding-engagement organizations, etc. events) cannot make closed hotel tourism with charter flights and cannot be used as quarantine hotels. 

7. Sea cruising boats will continue to serve as one third of their capacity. Staff on the tour boat will repeat the PCR tests every 7 days. 

8. Apprentice students have been deemed appropriate to start their education in the workplace depending on the sectors opened. 

9. Public transportation will be available in all districts within and between districts. Bus, minibus, taxi etc. Passengers will not be admitted to the driver's side of the vehicles engaged in transportation. In buses, minibuses and minibuses, passengers will be transported with a seating arrangement so that one of the back seats of the driver's seat is empty, and 50% capacity will be operated with one empty and one full. 

10. Those who reside in the North and work in Southern Cyprus will be able to travel daily without quarantine, provided that they submit negative PCR test results within the last 7 days. 

11. It has been deemed appropriate for people residing in Northern Cyprus and transiting to Southern Cyprus for treatment purposes, if they document their appointments at the border gates, they can cross to Southern Cyprus without daily quarantine. The patient and his attendant (if necessary) who will be transferring for health purposes are required to submit the negative PCR test results made within the last 3 days upon arrival. Patients and accompanying persons returning to the country after treatment are required to present a current dated prescription, report or invoice to be obtained from the doctor / hospital when they enter the country. 

12. Barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoo studios / salons will continue their work between 7:00am and 8:00pm.

13. A maximum of one third of the outdoor and indoor areas of restaurants, patisseries, cafes and taverns will continue to be used. Live music can be played in the open areas of restaurants, patisseries, cafes and taverns. 

-Bars and Clubs, on the other hand, can be opened on 03.06.2021 provided that maximum one-third of their outdoor and indoor areas are used.

14. Maximum one third of the outdoor and indoor areas of coffeehouses, cafes, cafeterias and clubs will be used. However, it will not be used in the specified sectors.

15. Persons who will enter the country due to IVF treatment will be quarantined for 10-14 days, determined according to their country. People who are planned to go from quarantine hotels to IVF Centers for treatment will be taken from the quarantine hotel for 3-4 hours with negative PCR test results in the last 48 hours and then left to the quarantine hotel after treatment. 

16. It has been deemed appropriate for professional artists to perform their theater / concert / exhibition work / rehearsals in accordance with the hygiene rule. The performances will be held with a maximum of one third of the halls occupied. 

17. It has been deemed appropriate to perform folk dances in open areas, provided that masks and hygiene rules are followed. 

18. According to the number of cases seen in the country, it was decided to open the movie theaters on 03.06.2021 unless a contrary decision is made. People will be admitted in a way that one third of the movie theaters will be used and it is forbidden to eat and drink in the halls. 

19. Indoor sports halls (fitness, individual) will be able to continue their activities within the framework of the conditions specified in the letter of undertaking. These halls will be able to start serving from 6:00am. 

20. Mass worship will be held in compliance with social distance, masks and hygiene rules and by using a maximum of one third of the closed areas to be worshiped.    

21. It has been decided to hold engagement, wedding, wedding and circumcision ceremonies to be held in the open area within the framework of the rules specified in the undertaking to be prepared. 

22. It has been deemed appropriate that activities such as amusement parks, festival areas, tombola etc. should be set up in open areas, taking into account the social distance rules. 

23. It has been decided that the indoor playgrounds and indoor playgrounds will be opened on the condition that they sign the contract to be prepared and the employees make a PCR test once a week as of 03.06.2021. 

24. Bet offices will be able to continue their activities within the framework of the conditions specified. One third of the closed areas of the offices will be able to be operated. Food service will not be provided at Bet offices.

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