Most student who came to the TRNC came for vacation as government shoulders quarantine expenses

About 12 thousand students were brought to the TRNC from abroad for education, many of whom came only for vacation and returned to their country with government shouldering their quarantine expenses.

The Association of Student Dormitories argued that this was so because of lack of supervision and planning noting that the studies that will allow students to come to the island for the new academic year were not initiated in September.

The Student Dormitories Association announced that they will take action after the holiday due to the government's lack of determination on the issue.

The Association claimed that student quarantines, which are applied to bring students to the country and whose costs are covered by the government were also abused.

Speaking to local media, YENİDÜZEN, the Union President and Members said, “The Ministry of Education was unable to enforce the government's decision to 'subject the senior classes to face-to-face education' in universities. They could not bring students ”, saying that they did not support them at all and that they were dragged into bankruptcy. The owners of the residence stated that the government was not working hard for the new period.

Stating that the government did not carry out the necessary inspections in the universities and therefore the process was deadlocked, the dormitory owners said, "We meet with the universities, the ball is thrown to the Ministry, we meet with the Ministry, the ball is thrown to the schools, it was not clear who is responsible for this process YÖDAK."

The union members called for the government to act as soon as possible.

"Everyone is in a sleeping position"

It was stated that May and June are the registration period for students who will come in September, however, it was claimed that the state did not take any action in this regard.

“Under normal circumstances, initiatives would be started with agencies regarding the arrival of students, but now there is no attempt, everyone is in a sleeping position. Many universities do not even advertise it ”.

"We are looking for ulterior motives behind demanding that students also be vaccinated"

Stating that some academicians do not want to start education without being vaccinated, some of them demand that students also be vaccinated, “During this period, of course, academicians should be vaccinated, but we are looking for ulterior motives behind demanding that students also be vaccinated. While it is so difficult to access vaccines in the world, we should adapt some conditions according to our country ”.

"Only 12,500 students came to the island, most of them returned to their country after 3 or 4 days"

Stating that despite the goal of bringing 37,000 students to the island, only 12,500 students came. President of the Student Dormitories Association Hakan Onurlu stated that this is the number of students who come to the country and enroll.

Hakan Onurlu said, “These students came to the country and their registration was made. In other words, about 80 thousand students may have registered to the island universities remotely, but they did not come to the island. Most of these 12,500 students who came to the island returned to their country after 3 or 4 days.

Emphasizing that there are 15 thousand students coming from abroad and contributing to the economy of the country, Onurlu stated that the authorized teachers at universities direct students to online courses and that the university authorities cannot interfere with this.

“Before casinos, we wanted to focus on education, we could not explain that the most important source of income in Cyprus is education. If we lose this September season, it will be too late now. " Onurlu said that they would take the dormitory keys and leave them at the government's door.

“We should plan how we can return to normal instead of trying to save the day as soon as possible. We are now sunk. Universities should prepare incentives for students to come, but nobody does anything.

In order to stand up, around 50, 55 thousand students need to come to the country. " He spoke in the form.

"Students who were said to have come to the country did not come, or came for vacation"

Ekrem Soyşen, the Vice President of the Student Dormitories Association, said

“Students who came to quarantine generally came to Lefkosa and Kyrenia regions. There are very few students in Famagusta and Lefke regions. Those who arrived decided to return back to their country because their teachers said, "We cannot continue face-to-face education." The teachers are waiting to be vaccinated. There are nearly 10 thousand local students on the island, but their contribution to the country's economy is generally. Apart from these local students, there are or not a total of 15 thousand students in the country. Half of the 12 thousand incoming students went back to their country. The current government does not implement its decisions, cannot enforce them, and damage higher education.

The students, who were said to have come to the country, did not come, or came on holiday. We had students who came with their girlfriend for 20 days and had their quarantine paid to the state, but took a vacation. He leaves the quarantine and returns to his country after 3-5 days. Nobody from the state controls this situation either. He enters from Ercan showing his student certificate, pays the state quarantine, enters the dormitory where he previously stayed in quarantine, takes his old suitcase and goes to his country. The state must overcome these difficulties, carry out inspections, and this issue, which is open to abuse, must be carefully scrutinized. Under the shadow of all these troubles, we did not make a contribution of 1,500 TL by counting the dormitories open, and we were made fun of us, without any support from the Development Bank. 

Source: Yeniduzen

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