South Cyprus canceles TRNC's president and government members Cyprus passport over Varosha

The Republic of Cyprus government has canceled the passports of TRNC's presidents and 13 other members of the government for their roles in the opening of parts of Varosha ghost town.

Cyprus government took the decision of Monday following a meeting of the Greek Cypriot Council of Ministers in Troodos. 

Cyprus passports belonging to TRNC's President Ersin Tatar, Deputy Prime Minister, Erhan Arıklı, Minister of Finance, Dursun Oğuz and other members of the cabinet or committee involved in decisions made about Varosha/Marash have been canceled and will not be renewed.

The reason behind the decision was the TRNC government decisions to reopen develop Varosha/Marash. 

Greek Cypriot government in a statement said since 1974, when Turkey organized the Cyprus peace operation, approximately 100 thousand Turkish Cypriots have obtained a Cyprus passport, which also provides the right of free movement to many countries in the world, especially the European Union. 

TRNC president, Ersin Tatar in a reaction to the development, condemned the move calling it a racist act.

I condemn the Greek Cypriot administration. This is an outdated and racist act. It is wrong in terms of human rights and illegal. To discriminate amongst citizens is unacceptable, Tatar said in a statement to TAK news agency.

Tatar went further to say he hadn’t used the passport for years.

However, this is an issue which involves and concerns our people. If Turkish Cypriots have applied and obtained the passports of the so-called Republic of Cyprus it is because of the conditions we are forced to live in. People have these passports for travel and education purposes, he said.

Tatar reminded that Turkish Cypriots were equal founding partners of the 1960 Republic and that they obtained these passports as it was their natural right.

Tatar accused the Greek Cypriot part of hijacking the the island and transforming it into a Greek Republic.

The Greek Cypriot side has resorted to such tactics because they are disturbed by the fact that we have tabled a new vision and a new stance on the Cyprus Issue as well as taken new decisions, he said.

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