Gas price in TRNC increased by 17TL from 90TL to 107TL

Bottle of gas cylinder in the TRNC has been increased by 17TL from 90TL to 107TL.

In an announcement by Şahap Aşıkoğlu, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, announced that as of today (Wednesday, August, 25), an increase of 17 TL for household type 10-kilogram cylinder gas has been approved and the necessary procedures have been initiated. 

With the new hike decision, the bottled gas price rose from 90 TL to 107.

Stating that the increase was inevitable when the prices in the international arena are evaluated, Aşıkoğlu said, "We resisted so much not to make a raise, but we have no other choice at the point reached".

In the statement made by the Fuel Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, it was stated: “The 30 TL hike requested for bottled gas was not accepted by the Ministry, and as a result of the negotiations, a price adjustment of 17 TL for bottled gas was approved by our Ministry.”

In this process, it was also announced that the companies that knew that the gas would be increased and refused to sell from until the announcement was made were also identified and action was taken against them.

On Monday, the TRNC Ministry of Economy and Energy has said it was under pressure to increase gas price in the country.

According to the Ministry, “there has not been any hike in cylinder gas since May 27, but they are under pressure to do so.

The Ministry had explained that the gas stock in the hands of importers is over and there is a demand for a hike in the price of the newly arrived gas.

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