Ercan Airport air traffic control system at risk of collapsing

It has been announced that the air traffic control system at Ercan Airport is about to collapse.

The warning was issued by the president of the Air Traffic Controllers' Union (HTKS), who stated that the Civil Aviation Department does not have enough air traffic controllers to safely operate the Ercan Airspace, and that its system is about to collapse. 

In a written statement, Kapısız said that 9 people resigned and two retired in the last two years, and that despite the vacant vacancies, the number of applications to the profession was low, and those who entered the profession were looking for ways to quit their job due to the circumstances. 

Kapısız said, "Where normally there should be at least 4 teams, now both the 3 team arrangement has been adopted and the number of personnel working in the teams has fallen far below the safe working standards. Air traffic controllers are called back to duty without even having a chance to rest, let alone social life and family order.” 

Noting that it is not possible for the personnel to go on daily leave in the current system, Kapısız stated that there is no substitute for the sick personnel who cannot do their job until they recover. 

Reminding that they have been calling on governments for years in order not to reach this point, and that they have put forward actions and strikes from time to time, Kapısız argued that the rulers of the country could not perceive the situation. 

Kapısız said in his statement, “The collapse of the Air Traffic Control system is only a matter of time, we cannot handle this burden any longer. If you do not act immediately, the personnel will be overwhelmed by the workload and neither you nor we will be able to pay the price of a possible disaster due to fatigue. If you want to keep the airspace and people's lives safe, take immediate action."  

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