Former student in Cyprus rants about experience in Cyprus and tells Nigerians not to go there

There is this post about Cyprus that has been trending and making the rounds online and in major blogs recently.... it's different strokes for different folks....

Here's my take on this....

Truth be told, many people travel for different reasons, more reason many of them are disappointed.

Cyprus is a divided island, the Greek part in the south which is part of the EU and hardly accessible and the northern part called TRNC which is only and easily accessible through Turkey.

This part of the island depend on support from Turkey and you mostly find foreigners especially Africans there. They have many universities here and pride themselves as an Education and Tourism island, more reason the fees are affordable and easy to come.

They want you to come to the country, not for what they can offer you but for what they can get from you to boost their economy. 

Truth be told, there are no jobs here, even the citizens dont have jobs. They assume you are here for education, after which they expect you to leave, more reason they dont have path to citizenship for foreigners who have stayed a long time here.

Now lets talk about Nigerians who come to Cyprus and for what reason?
Many Nigerians as it is today just want to leave, no matter the cost, what it takes, and never tried to do a research about the place they are going...

95% of them is never for the purpose of education. They are looking for jobs, a better life, abroad status and so on.... This is the more reason they get frustrated when they come. You cant even come to Cyprus if not with a student visa.. They don't even accept visitors and tourists from Nigeria any more due to how Nigerians manipulated the system.

So when they come, they don't go to school because this was never the reason they came to Cyprus, they start blaming the system and everything around them and before you know it, they get into trouble because they cant obtain a student resident permit that is attached to their registration in the uni. They become illegal, some do drugs, fight, and the rest.

And again, there are so many Nigerians who are doing so well in Cyprus and don't even want to leave the place. They do personal businesses and even employ fellow students to work for them, these sets of people are students and don't joke with school. They are not lazy and know what they want and why they are there. Many still leave the country and come back.

These ones that complain with every opportunity they have cant even tell you while they are in Cyprus... They go to blog sites and make unreasonable or incoherent comments. They see news about Nigeria or else where and blame it on Cyprus.

The truth is that, no matter how bad you talk about a country or place, people will still come, either they are desperate or they have a define reason for wanting to come.

You cant compare a well developed nation like the UK, Germany, US, Canada and the likes to Cyprus, if not, everyone will be in these countries. You cant even get visas to these countries easily even if you have the money or meet all the criteria. 

Can you even enter these countries with just 1,000 Euros? but Cyprus offers you that option.

There's no where in the world where there's no suffering, even in America. People just have to take chances and do things for themselves.

Cyprus is not the best of place to be but do your research before making that plan to come.

For those who are here already and still complains about everything, you have a choice to go back home. Meet your agent and settle scores with him/her.

Lets talk about study agents or travel agents...
Only few are genuine, so many tell lies just because of what they hope to gain. 

Beware of agents who tell you there's job, you can go to Europe with train from there, blah blah... Take time to find out for yourself, do your research and ask questions. It doesnt have to be only Cyprus but other countries as well.

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