It's September! Happy New Month

Hello September.... Happy New Month to all our esteemed readers.

We thank God Almighty for his mercies, love and faithfulness towards us.

We want to use this opportunity to wish all those who will be celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, dedication, etc, this month, a happy cerebration.

Remember to stay out of trouble, be law abiding citizens and be careful in your dealings.


Few Facts about September
-As the ninth month of the year, September marks the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere (and the start of spring in the southern).
-Traditionally considered the month that marks transitions between seasons, it is often one of the most temperate weather-wise.

-The name September comes from the Latin septem, meaning seven, since it was the seventh month of the Roman calendar, which began with March.
-There are 30 days in the month of September, which starts on the same day of the week as December each year but does not end on the same day of the week as any other month in the year.
-September is the only month with the same number of letters in its name as the number of the month: it is the ninth month and has nine letters.
-September is the worst month for share prices which on average lose one per cent of their value.
-September (from the Latin septem, seven) was the seventh month of the old Roman calendar.

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