Passengers no longer required to get a PCR test before travelling to North Cyprus, to get on arrival for 90 TL

For those who will come to the TRNC, a new application is will be introduced on Thursday, October, 20, which will eliminate the hassle of having a PCR done in the country they come from.

According to a memo published by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works,antigen will be made for those who will come to the country from the countries in the "vaccinated group and can enter the TRNC with PCR" category at Ercan Airport for 90 TL starting from Thursday, October, 20, 2021.

Vaccinated people who will come to the TRNC will not need to have costly PCR done in their country. 

Before boarding the plane, people will pay the antigen fee of 90 TL online and will be tested at the airport when they arrive in the country.

For example, PCR is requested for those who will go to Turkey and stay for more than 3 days. From now on, those who will stay in Turkey for more than 3 days will not have to have PCR, the price of which costs at least 250 TL, in Turkey, they will pay the antigen fee of 90 TL digitally before boarding the plane on their way to the country and have the test done in Ercan.

In the meantime, if those who will come to the country still want to have a PCR done in their country, they will have this right and will be able to show the PCR they had in that country. 

Unvaccinated people will have to go into quarantine and wear wristbands.

It was reported that the cost of 90 TL related to the antigen fee was determined by the Ministry of Finance and it was ensured that it did not exceed 90 TL by forcing all means. It was also noted that with this application, the Ministry aims to save those who will come to the TRNC from the hassle of paying high PCR fees in other countries.

***At the moment, I cant confirm if students are exempted.

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