Students suffer more when government make new policies

Whenever a new policy is announced by the government of The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the group of people that suffer the most are international students. 

Despite the latest increase in workers minimum wage in the TRNC, the recent increase in the price of fuel has placed a huge burden on workers in the country who are complaining of hardship and inflation..... What do students have to say?

According to a report by Yeniduzen on Wednesday, citing TRNC workers Union, KTAMS, the minimum salary required to feed, clothe and house a family of four was 4,470 TL as of today. 

Let's talk about students experience in the TRNC.....

Students suffer more
The island is currently hosting over 50,000 students and majority of them are without jobs and means of livelihood. They are the ones who suffer the most when the government make or introduces new policies.

Often times the government has promised to make life easier for students and in 2020, came up with a promise of a 500TL grant that comes with a card (Ada Card) which students can use on a discount basis during shopping. Untill now, nothing has been heard or done in this direction.

At the moment, house rents in the country are over the board. Landlords are taking advantage of the fact that students are returning to the island en mass to increase their rents. Some now demand for one year rents while many do not refund deposits paid to them when students are leaving their apartments.

Every time, the Lira slides against foreign currencies, food, transportation, electricity, prices will go up and those who suffer the most are the students who can not even get jobs to meet their daily needs.

Also, the justice system in the country is not favorable to international students. People are arrested with minor crime and asked to pay an outrageous fine. If a student who was arrested is proven innocent either by investigation or court proceedings, he or she should be released unconditionally without further delay. keeping them in detention is abuse of their right. Again, many students are not well represented when they have court cases. Many of the cases are being judged in Turkish, a language the defendant doesn't understand and as such cant contribute accordingly. An effort should be made to get a proper lawyer for students who are on trial. The trial should also be fair and transparent.

Many of the announcements made by the authorities are in Turkish, with no English version available. Many international students are unable to keep themselves informed of new regulations and measures, which put many of them on the wrong side of the law with no mercy. The government should as a matter of priority, carry all foreign students along when it makes new decisions that are binding on students.

The government must also look into the issue of racism. One of the most difficult situation foreign students face in the TRNC is racism. There should be public awareness about this. 

If the TRNC must brag and pride itself as a student friendly island, it also should do the needful to make sure these students feel at home. Foreign students make a valuable contribution to the TRNC's economy and must not be seen as nuisances.

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