Too many 'fake real estate agents in TRNC - President of TRNC Realtors Association

The President of the Turkish Cypriot Realtors Association, Hasan Sungur, has noted that there are too many 'fake real estate agents' and they cannot be audited due to the lack of law.

Speaking to Yenizuden news paper, Hasan Sungur said these agents come as students and become 'fake real estate agents'” in the country.

On the other hand, Sungur claimed that a significant part of the 'fake real estate agents' consist of people who came to the island with the excuse of being a 'student'.  

Arguing that 80 percent of those who rent the houses are not legal real estate agents and that foreign nationals who come to the island as students carry out this business over the internet, Sungur said, "They come and register as students, then work as real estate agents."  

Sungur, who claimed that especially recently, Iranian students formed a 'real estate gang' and that commissions were taken from people who would buy houses by 'intimidation'.

Sungur explained the events as follows: “Recently, an Iranian student gang has sprung up. They threaten people from Iran who want to buy a house here and say, 'If you don't give us a commission, we will complain to the Iranian state, we will tell you that you have invested in the island'.  

People are afraid of this situation and give commission. There are huge scams on this subject and the only way to solve this is to pass this new law as soon as possible. If the law is passed, we, as the Union, are ready to follow up any irregularities and take necessary actions”.

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