Nigerian student in North Cyprus writes letter to his Excellency: "Please beg your citizens to be good"

Here is a letter written by a Nigerian student in Cyprus to his Excellency. (No idea whom the letter is directed to).
Good evening, Your Excellency, I am Amora and I am African (from Nigeria). I would like to address this issue on the spot, this issue bothers me a lot not only to me but to other black people from Africa. It seems I'm black and I'm black with blood. Your Excellency, if it were not for the situation of my country, I would not have flown from Nigeria to study in Cyprus. 
At first we were in quarantine here in Cyprus, in a hotel called Velmar Hotel in Lefke, we are Nigerians. And we only eat what we know how to eat. Before we left the Nigeria Airport we were asked to pay the sum of the 5400tl for our quarantine fee and there we arrived at the hotel where we were fed bread and water with boiled eggs and cucumbers. It was not used to us and when we complained the answer from the owner of the hotel was very ash and they did not accept him to the police threatened to report it, decided to cook rice and started selling us a pack for $10.
Many of us have spent money we should have used for our apartment after we got out of quarantine, which made many of us a little worried with friends who own an apartment, and for those of us who could buy an apartment, the landlord refused us an apartment just because we were black. Sir, we came here to study and we are not here to stay here forever, but for 4 years of our work in TRNC please beg your citizens to be good. 
We have to stop spitting on our feet, we go to school we pay our house rent, the landlord will still increase the rent of the flat Pay 1 rent 2 or 3 deposit sometimes 4 or 5 reasons... It's not easy for all of us. Please I beg you sir, it is not easy for us here, we are just people who want to live a good life.
This was written in Turkish and not well translated...

****What's your take on this letter?

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