Pandemic hospital in Lefkosa sees surge in covid-19 patients

A record number of Covid-infected people were reported in the TRNC on Tuesday as 160 more cases were detected with the coronavirus in the space of two, hours, 15 minutes and more were arriving.

According to Chief Physician of the Pandemic Hospital, Dr. Erol Uçaner a record number of Covid-infected people had been diagnosed at the hospital yesterday. He said that 160 people had presented with the coronavirus in the space of two and a quarter hours.

Dr. Uçaner also noted that they increased the number of doctors in order to speed up the examinations at the hospital and that staff on leave have been recalled to work.

Referring to the increase in case numbers, Dr. Uçaner said that on Tuesday, a total of 95 Covid-infected patients were being treated at the Pandemic Hospital and in the quarantine ward of the Chest Diseases Department, 12 of whom were in intensive care.

He said that the Contact Tracing Team is aware of the number of cases that emerged overnight, Uçaner said, “The Contact Tracking Team sends new cases to us by dividing them into hours. The number of new cases sent to the Emergency Hospital between 09:00 and 11:15 this morning is 160“. 

Uçaner said, “Our only solution is for local governments to increase their control over indoor areas and impose punishments as a deterrent”. He added that most of the 220 cases that emerged yesterday were TRNC citizens.

The age ranges of those being treated at the hospital are between 2 and 90, but the majority of patients are between the ages of 38 and 50.

The treatment period for patients was taking longer than expected due to the cold weather, he said.

Dr. Uçaner said that two-thirds of the patients being treated at the hospital are unvaccinated or have not completed the vaccination programme. Over half of the patients in intensive care and most of those on ventilators are unvaccinated. Most of them are in critical condition, he said.


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