There will be no lock down unless there is global negativity

"There will be no shutdown unless there is a very important global negativity in the pandemic conditions"said Ali Pilli, TRNC Minister of Health

Dr. Ali Pilli emphasized that efforts to increase the vaccination rate of their targets in the fight against the pandemic to the highest level, for the direct access of the vaccine to the citizens, are about to end, and that there will be no shutdown unless there is a very important global negativity in the pandemic conditions.  

 Minister Pilli made the following statements:  

“With the work we have done in the past, we have taken our place in the world as the country that bypassed the pandemic process with the least damage. Now is the time to reap the fruits of the policies that we applied correctly in those days. It is time to raise our country to the top of the list of safest countries. Let no one doubt. Unless there is a very important global negativity in the pandemic conditions, there will be no closure.  

 Our most important goal is to increase the vaccination rate to the highest level and to make our country the most open and healthiest country in the world under these “new normal” conditions.  

 I would like to underline that it is extremely important to manage health and economy in coordination. 

Our most important short-term strategy is to maximize the vaccination rate in order not to risk our health. If we achieve this, we will also provide healthy conditions that will keep the higher education and tourism sectors, which are the lifeblood of our economy, constantly open, and we will allow these sectors to rise again. 

In order to achieve this goal, we will accelerate vaccination studies with new applications that we will produce in a very short time. As a state, we do not have any problems in accessing the vaccine.  

The important thing is to eliminate if there is a problem in our people's access to the vaccine, and even to carry out studies that will provide direct access to the vaccine to our citizens, instead of waiting for the citizens to access the vaccine.  

In the past periods I have served, we have achieved a great cooperation and strong harmony with the devoted work of health professionals and citizens in the management of the pandemic. My biggest request from our people in the new period is to continue to support our ministry in the fight against the epidemic.  

I have no doubt that we will overcome the problems together in this return, when I am re-employed for the health of our people. Let them trust us. We are slowly leaving the hardest days behind. Better and healthier days are waiting for us. Stay healthy. 

Dr. Ali Pilli


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