Heavy rain causes flood in Lefkosa, roads leading to General Hospital closed

Several roads leading to to the Lefkosa State hospital was briefly closed on Thursday due to heavy rain, that also caused flood in front of Levent College in Ortaköy. 

It has been raining heavily across the island since early Thursday morning and will continue until Friday evening.

In Gonyeli New Town, some areas were affected by heavy rains and the streets were flooded.

Serious floods were experienced, especially in areas with built-up stream beds.

Due to the heavy rain visibility on some roads was completely lost. The police issued a warning for drivers to drive slowly and carefully in terms of pedestrian, road and traffic safety due to puddles on the roads.

Here are the closed roads

Police in a statement regarding the closed roads said the roads were closed to traffic due to flooding in the Lefkosia region because of heavy rain;
• The road between Ortaköy Lemar Işıkları and Hospital round about has been closed to traffic flow in both directions. 

• The road connecting to Gonyeli Municipality Boulevard from Ortaköy Hospital round about (Etik and Başkent Hospital road) has been closed to traffic flow.  

• Gonyeli Belediye Boulevard; The route between Mirage Restaurant and Çağaloğlu Petrol Traffic Lights has been closed to traffic flow.   

• The road from the hospital circle to Göçmenköy direction (in front of the Nicosia Emergency Hospital) has been closed to traffic.  

• The route going in the direction of Gonyeli Circle and State Hospital is closed to traffic flow. 
Drivers are kindly requested not to get on the road unnecessarily, in order to avoid more traffic jams caused by floods and closed roads.

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