Injection made using stem cells from milk teeth ‘may cure impotence’

An injection made using stem cells from ground-up milk teeth is being touted as a cure for impotence.

A jab each side of the todger helped 37 out of 38 men rediscover their mojo.

Researchers said the stem cells — which can grow into healthy tissue almost anywhere in the body — repaired damaged arteries in their manhoods.

Erectile function improved by an average of 64 per cent during the four-year study at ­Edogawa Hospital in Tokyo, Japan.

Researcher Dr Shoji Koga said: “The treatment repairs blood vessel damage. It could become a widespread therapy.”

Experts say drugs such as Viagra do not work for about one in three men.

Dr Geoff Hackett, former chairman of the British Society for Sexual Medicine, said: “Stem cells from milk teeth are a very promising treatment. They can regenerate blood flow.”

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