Man shots neighbor's dog with a hunting rifle for attacking his chickens in Yeniceköy

A man has shot a neighbor's dog with a hunting rifle for attacking his chickens in Yeniceköy.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning in Yeniceköy.

The man named only as A.H was arrested on Thursday for injuring his neighbor's dog with a hunting rifle because the dog tried to harm his chickens.

The suspect was taken to court on charges of "Unlawful Possession and Using Firearms, Unlawful Explosives, Shooting in Public Areas, Acting Against Animal Welfare Law".

Police said they found 167 full cartridges of various brands and 174 empty cartridges of various brands during a search of the suspect's house.

Police told the court that when the suspect's neighbor opened had opened his door to feed his dogs when one of them escaped from it's cage, and then he heard the sound of a handgun.

The gunshot came from the address No:8, Dar Sokak and that he later saw the dog in the garden of the suspect's residence.

The police stated that the suspect was identified on the same day.

In the investigation, police said that the suspect stated that there was a dog in the garden of his house and that he took the dog and threw it into the plain with a trailer because he thought it might harm his chickens.

The police also stated that the suspect handed over 3 hunting rifles belonging to his father to the police officers at his home.

Police said the he dog was injured in the hip.

He was detained for 1 day on court order for investigation to be conducted safely.

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