Prices of fuel products and gas raised, gas now sold for 180TL

The price of fuel has been increased again in the TRNC, the second time in less than one week just after the price of domestic gas was also increased.

The decision was taken by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday and came into effect on Tuesday night.

Accordingly, 95 octane gasoline was increased from 10.37 to 11.65. 98 octane gasoline was increased from 10.58 to 11.89.

Euro diesel was increased from 10.09 to 11.23 TL.

Earlier on Tuesday a 40TL hike was made on the price of 10kg domestic bottle gas bringing the new price to 180TL.

This is the biggest increase in domestic gas products in the last two years.

Also, there has been 9 price changes in the price of 10kg domestic bottled gas in the last two years, while the last two increase has affected consumer's pocket the most.

In the 9-time price changes in 2020 and 2021, there were only two price drops.

While there was a decrease of 5 TL to 4 TL in price decreases, the biggest price increase was made on Tuesday with 40 TL. Again, the price increase at a similar rate was recorded in October of the current year with 33 TL.

According to this; 10 kilos of domestic cylinder gas, which was traded at 107 TL on 28 August 2021, increased to 140 TL on 28 October. Bottled gas prices of 140 TL increased to 180 TL with the change made today.

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