TRNC Health Committee announces new measures for New-Year celebrations - Unvaccinated people banned from attending celebrations

The new year is just few days away while precautions are being taken all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, new decisions were taken by the TRNC Supreme Committee for Infectious Diseases with some restrictions imposed on organizations.

Only vaccinated people are allowed to participate in New Year's Eve organizations. Open and closed areas will accept people by following the square meter rules and unvaccinated people cannot participate in these organizations.

It is forbidden for more than 10 people to gather in a house in celebrations to be held at homes, and those who took part in celebrations must have a PCR negative test done in the last 72 hours and negative antigen test done in the last 24 hours.

New Year's celebrations will be held within the framework of COVID 19 measures.

Unlike last year, while hotels and restaurants are preparing entertainment programs to welcome the year 2022, vaccination and testing conditions will be required at the entrance to these venues, and people who are not vaccinated will not be able to attend the events. Vaccinated people who will participate in the events must also have a negative PCR test for the last 72 hours or a negative antigen test for the last 48 hours.

Health Minister Ali Pilli, in a statement he made recently, warned all people to comply with the COVID 19 measures, pay attention to masks, distance and hygiene during New Year's Eve celebrations.

The General Directorate of Police announced that it has taken all the safety measures to the highest level in order to ensure that the people spend the New Year celebrations in an atmosphere of peace and security.

The police will provide 24-hour uninterrupted service with “155 POLICE , “156 NARCOTICS”, “199 FIRE” and other telephone lines in order to evaluate complaints and requests for assistance and to provide immediate service.

In the statement made by the General Directorate of Police, the public is called to comply with the decisions of the Supreme Committee on Infectious Diseases, and not to drink and drive fast.

The following statements were used in the statement, which called for the observance of traffic rules:

“Do not hesitate to report those who drive in a way that endanger your and/or others' life and property safety and those who do not obey the traffic rules.

Do not drive if you have drunk alcohol. If necessary, seek help from the police.

Don't speed. Remember that speed can shorten your own life, not the roads.

Let your priority in traffic be to arrive at your destination safely and to hug your loved ones. Let your home be the last stop in the new year.

Do not use firearms during the New Year celebration. Remember that using it is a crime.

Report offenders to the nearest police station immediately.

Remember that the right to life is above all else and never let anyone take it away from you.”

The weather will be rainy
According to the weather forecasts of the Meteorology Department, 2022 will be entered with rain.

According to the weather report, rain is expected from today until Monday.

The highest temperature will be around 14-17 degrees inland and on the beaches. 

Also, there will be no meeting in the Central Prison this year due to the pandemic.

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