TRNC Police Directorate issues warning to all drivers

The TRNC General Directorate of Police has issued a warning to all road users to obey traffic rules in terms of life and property safety, especially for themselves and other road users so as not to be penalized. 

The warning by the General Directorate of Police was issued in a press release with the title "Traffic Rules Save Lives" to draw attention to the increasing number of fatal and other traffic accidents. 

The Directorate pointed out that statistics showed that the main cause of accidents is the driver's error. It said drivers should avoid speed that leads to traffic accidents, obey the speed limits and use their vehicles by considering the location of the road. 

In the statement, it was emphasized that it is extremely important for all drivers on the roads and all persons on foot to comply with the traffic rules, in terms of traffic and road safety, as well as their own life and property safety. 

With the removal of the Covid-19 restrictions and the transition to normalization, there was a movement and increase in the country's traffic, and it was noted that there was an increase in fatal and other traffic accidents as a result.  

In order to prevent this increase in traffic accidents, all district police departments, traffic teams should prevent accidents related to speeding, drink driving, talking on a mobile phone, driving without a seat belt, and other important traffic crimes and ensure that the citizens can drive safely. It pointed out that it will continue its vehicle and fixed inspection without interruption.

It concluded the statement by saying; Dear Drivers; Let's follow the traffic rules in order to reach your destination safely and not to upset your loved ones. We wish you safe days and safe driving.

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