TRNC Police Directorate warns of floods and winter fires

The TRNC General Directorate of Police (PGM), Fire Department has issued a warning to citizens and the general public to be cautious against floods and winter fires.

The PGM- Fire Department made the call in a statement and the measures that can be taken in cases of fire and flooding.

The statement also called on citizens to reach the Fire Brigade Fire on 199 line and Police Help line on 155 if they see any signs of smoke or fire.

Here is the statement of the Fire Department:
“Easily flammable items such as carpets, curtains, beds and armchairs, and clothes to be dried should be at least 3 meters away from heat sources such as fireplaces, stoves and electric heaters. Make sure that the fireplace and wood stove used for heating are turned off. Coal should not be used in the room, especially for heating. Fully extinguished fireplaces and wood stoves cause carbon monoxide poisoning. In case of power cuts, non-combustible materials should be placed under the lit candles. Keeping electrical appliances such as irons and blow dryers on and unplugging them will prevent a possible fire. Connecting devices that consume more than one current (iron, electric stove, blow dryer, etc.) to multiple sockets used in homes and workplaces increases the risk of fire. The plugs of the tools that have been plugged into the sockets for a long time should be removed and cleaned from time to time against oxidation. Negligence is usually the cause of fires caused by chimney ignition in winter. Regular chimney cleaning will completely eliminate the risk of fire. In order to be protected from chimney fires, it is necessary to clean the chimneys in 3-6 months in workplaces and at least once a year in flats and apartments. When you enter your home or workplace, do not open the electrical sockets as soon as you think there is a gas leak. Do not go inside with a device (such as a mobile phone, flashlight, etc.) that can generate sparks due to the trapped gas inside. Turn off the electricity at the switch, open the doors and windows.

During the work with the spiral and welding machine and while the roof insulation is being done, the area where the work will be done should be clean. While doing such works, it is necessary to have fire extinguisher and fire extinguishing tools and equipment. The fact that the exterior insulation materials used in multi-storey buildings are made of non-combustible materials will prevent the rapid spread of fire to the floors in case of a fire.

Do not place large pots or pans on the picnic tubes. Heat spreads over the tube, causing fire and explosion. Do not pour it into the garbage or any place without making sure that the charcoal is completely extinguished.

Have the electrical installations checked by experts in order to prevent short circuits that may occur due to overloading in the electrical installations of your workplaces and residences.

Do not panic if the oil in the pan that was left on the hot stove catches fire; First of all, turn off the bottom of the stove, intervene with your fire extinguisher, if you do not have a fire extinguisher, wet a cloth near you and wring out the excess water, then cover the ceiling with the wet cloth and wait for it to cool. Do not intervene with water, water causes the fire to grow more.   

In traffic accidents, before the Fire Brigade, Health and Traffic teams arrive at the scene, the victim who is stuck in the vehicle should not be intervened, environmental safety should be ensured, smoking should not be avoided, and a fire extinguisher should be available to use at the scene, since there is a possibility of sparking substances to cause a fire.

Keep combustible materials such as matches or lighters out of the reach of children.

Having timely service, maintenance, exhaust and tire checks of private vehicles and vehicles carrying fuel will prevent fuel leaks, short circuits and sparks from exhausts from causing fire.

Having a fire extinguisher in accordance with the standards in residences, workplaces and motor vehicles will prevent the fire from growing in case of a possible fire.
In case of any fire, call ALO 199 Fire Brigade Fire Warning Line and 155 Police Emergency Line

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