Where is our humanity?

In this era of technology and social media, people, especially the youths should exercise caution and restraint when a life in is danger.

Today, our youths are obsessed with trending materials, not considering what is involved. They record with their phones all manners of events and happenings deprived of their sense of reasoning.

They have become emergency filmmakers, recording whatever can get them attention in the social media space not considering if its a matter of life and death.

Before coming a branch of Hollywood, our first reaction at an accident/violence scene should be to offer help by providing first aid, calling an ambulance or taking victim(s) to a hospital, but nowadays, the youths are driven by the impulse to be the first to capture the event on video and share. Some even try to act like professional journalist by adding ‘reporting live’! You would hear phrase like: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am live at so so and so where a fatal accident, violence or whatever just occurred.

They will even end it with "We will keep updating you. Thank you!”. They would then turn the camera on victims suffering in pains.  

This attitude is sick and inhumane.

This kind of thing has happened several times even in Cyprus. You find a situation, when people are in distress or someone is in a pool of blood, and no one cared to call the ambulance or put the victim(s) in one of the several cars parked around and take them to the hospital. The victim(s) is struggling for breath and everyone just stood by and watch with their phone camera rolling.

Why are we humans if not to come to the aid of others?

Please we can all do better.

By Olomo

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