Friends of Meles Haileu launch charity campaign to help send his body to his family

A charity campaign has been launched to send the body of 28-year-old Meles Haileu, who was electrocuted while working on a billboard on the Lefkosa-Girne main road, to his country.

The unfortunate incident happened on Thursday, December, 30, 2021, along the Lefkosa-Girne high way. Meles Haileu, 28 was electrocuted while mounting a projector on a billboard.

A 40-year-old man was arrested for negligence in the incident.

Police in its investigation found out that Meles Haileu did not have a work permit, and that the 40-year-old man took him to work in the bill board without taking the necessary safety precautions.  

Meles Haileu is said to have held a 3-meter-long medium tension wire passing over the bill board panel.

Relatives of Meles Haileu, who organized the charity campaign on social media, shared that 4,600 dollars (61,400 TL at today's exchange rate).

In the call for help made by his friends; It was stated that Meles Haileu is a student at the Near East University, and that donations were needed to send his body to his family in Ethiopia.

Help was requested from both individuals, groups at the school and their friends.

According to the information obtained from high-level sources at the Lefkosa State Hospital, it was revealed that Meles Haileu's body, is still in the hospital morgue. It is also known that some people who went to the hospital morgue today and stated that they were friends of Meles Haileu took responsibility for sending the body back to their country.

Below is a statement by his friends and two numbers if anyone is willing to help - please call them and check for more details. 

I kindly ask for help. Meles Haileu was one of our Ethiopian friends studying at the nearest university. I am deeply saddened by this loss, we needed 4,600usd to send his funeral to his family, so we are trying to collect M. Individual donations our school community and friends please feel free to contact us if you need to contribute any amount of money thank you.

Our 28-year-old friend, Meles Haileu, was electrocuted while mounting a projector on the billboard on the Nicosia-Girne main road. Unfortunately, he passed away and one was arrested on charges of negligence at the time of the incident.

The police investigation continues.”

Contact details

05428575980 feven girne

+905338675147 Lydia Lefkosa and Magusa

+905338619846 Fiona Addington karmi

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