There is scarcity of domestic gas in TRNC due to rumors of price increase

There is currently a shortage in the supply of 10 kg domestic gas due to increase demand by consumers who fear the expected increase in its price.

Suppliers say they have ran out of stocks since Friday last week leading to scarcity of the product in the country.

KOOP-Gas Manager, Nevzat Nevzat stated that their stock finished on Friday and that bottled gas could not be supplied to the market.

Nevzat said, “K-PET does not fill up, we cannot supply cylinder gas to the market, our stocks ran out on Friday. The ship has arrived, we are waiting for supplies. The problem in the market will be resolved as soon as the supplies from the ship begin,” he said.

He said that a ship arrived on the island today to supply bottled gas, however he added that there may be a few days’ delay due to changing weather conditions. 

Nevzat emphasised that rumours of price increases are unfounded.

When asked about the rumors that the prices of 10-kilogram domestic cylinder gas, traded for 180 TL, will increase to 240 TL, he explained that there is no study on a change in prices.

Some bottled gas distribution companies, on the other hand, predicted that bottled gas will be in the market as of tomorrow, and that the problem will disappear, with the ship's arrival on the island today, adding that there is no major crisis in the middle.

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