TRNC announces full election result

The Turkish Cypriot High Electoral Board has officially announced the results of Sunday's early general election.

Only five parties were elected into the parliament of 50 members. 

The National Unity Party (UBP) emerged as the leading party after securing 24 seats in parliament, 3 more than in previous election in 2018. The UBP won 39.61% of the votes, falling short of two seats to win a majority in parliament.

A new coalition government is now expected to be formed.

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) came second with 31.91% of the votes securing 18 seats in parliament, six more than the previous election in 2018.

The Democrat Party (DP) received 7.42% of the votes securing 3 seats followed by the Peoples’ Party which received 6.48% securing 3 seats and the Rebirth Party (YDP) securing 2 seats with 6.69% of the votes.

Election turnout remained at 57.62 per cent with the highest attendance in İskele with 62.24 percent, followed by Lefke with 62.18 per cent, Lefkoşa district with 60.07 per cent, Gazimağusa with 54.4 per cent, Girne with 52.2 per cent and Güzelyurt with 58.3 per cent.

A total of 117,421 of the 203,792 eligible voters voted in Sunday’s election.

According to the districts, the UBP has won seven seats in Lefkoşa, followed by the CTP with six, the DP one, the YDP one and the HP one.

In Gazimağusa, the UBP won six seats, the CTP four, the DP one, the YDP one and the HP one.

In Girne, the UBP won five of the 11 seats, followed by the CTP with four, the DP one and the HP one.

Of the three seats allocated for Güzelyurt, the UBP won two and the CTP one.

In İskele, the UBP won three of the five seats followed by the CTP with two.

In Lefke, the UBP and CTP won a seat each.

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