TRNC increases fine for traffic offenders

The TRNC authorities has increased its fines for traffic offenders and accordingly, people who do not comply with traffic signs and lights will be made to pay a fine of 1400 TL.

The new regulation which was updated as the new minimum wage came into force took effect since Friday, January 28.

Persons who use mobile phones while driving, who drive without inspection and navigation, will have to pay a fine of 700 TL if they are detected.

People who are found to be driving while drunk with alcohol will pay fines of between 3,500 TL and 7,000 TL.

Those who exceed the speed limit will pay a fine between 700 TL and 1750 TL.

THE PENALTY are as follows:

Using a mobile phone while driving: 700 TL

Driving without inspection: 700 TL

Driving without navigation: 700 TL

Driving without insurance: 1750 TL

Driving without a seat belt: 350 TL

Driving with an expired driving license: 700 TL

Failure to comply with traffic signs and lights: 1400 TL

Drinking and driving:

  • 51 -100 promile: 3500 TL
  • Over 100 promil: 7000 thousand TL

Exceeding the speed limit:

  • 1-20 km (both included): 700 TL
  • 21-40 km (including 40 km): 1050 TL
  • Over 40 km: 1750 TL

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