TRNC Citrus Union seek for more workers from Turkey while students in the TRNC are overlooked

Instead of offering the jobs to students who are in the island ans seeking for jobs, they want Syrian workers from Turkey to come do the job...

The TRNC Citrus Producers Union has asked Turkey to allow Syrian workers come to the TRNC to work in the farms.

President of the Northern Cyprus Citrus Producers Union, Turgut Akçın, on Monday stated that the government should urgently take a decision to bring in Syrian workers for the citrus harvest.

Akçın noted that the citrus harvest has started, and around 850 workers have already arrived from Turkey to work in the harvesting and packaging facilities, which is not enough.

In a written statement, Akçın said, “Many companies have difficulties in finding workers to work in both cutting and packaging facilities. Workers are brought in from Turkey in the past, due to both the minimum wage and the rights given to other workers, there is a lot of difficulty in finding workers to work in the slaughtering and packaging facilities. 

Noting that the Mandora type of mandarin is a product that should not be kept waiting on its branch, Akçın said, “A decision must be taken by the Government urgently so that Syrian workers, who carry out significant citrus cutting in Turkey and who have obtained citizenship or residence permit, can be brought to the Island by taking all kinds of precautions as cutting workers.”  

Stating that otherwise the Mandora product will not be wasted, Akçın said, “If this product is not harvested until March 15, it will fall under the tree and rot. It is estimated that there will be around 60 thousand tons of Mandora products this year.” 

Noting that Grapefruit and lemon also need to be harvested and processed in February, Akçın warned, that "This issue must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible before the establishment of the New Government, otherwise it will be too late." 

Noting that around two thousand workers are needed for all Packaging Plants to operate and for the cutting to continue without a hitch, Akçın said, “The number of workers brought in so far is around eight hundred and fifty (850) and does not meet the need.”

*****What happened to students in the island who are looking for work? There students who can do the job here, while over look them?

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