TRNC to be thrown into total darkness soon if.....

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be thrown into darkness in few days time if the fuel used in powering electricity plant is not supplied to the facilities.

El-Sen Chairman Kubilay Özkıraç in a statement on Monday claimed that only one and a half days of fuel is left in Teknecik Power Plant.  

He stated that a fuel ship is currently docked in Teknecik, but the company did not start transferring the fuel because payment was yet to be made. He called on Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu and made a call "focusing on the realities of the country".

Here is the full statement:

As of now, one and a half days of fuel is left in Teknecik Power Plant. If the Government and the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority do not pay the company that brings fuel today, the country will be plunged into darkness. The people will pay the price for this incompetence.

From here, our call and advice to Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu is to focus on the realities of the country.

Let him take the necessary steps to eliminate this chaos and ensure that it is taken. Otherwise, we will face an even more inextricable chaos, and the only responsible for this will be the government and the KIB-TEK administration.

We repeat, at the moment the fuel ship docked at Teknecik, it was connected to discharge the fuel, but the company did not start to transfer fuel because it could not get its money.

Teknecik Power Plant, where fuel remains for a day and a half, has come to the point of silence. It is unacceptable that this society is left in the dark because of shortsightedness.

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